Vision System

This is EZL Corp Vision for customer orientation.

No. 1 Prepaid Card Company

Customer Orientation
Provide differentiated cards for customer’s convenience and satisfaction
Be honest with customers
Keep a promise with customers
Creative Thinking
Active, creative, and futuristic way of thinking
Seeking the consciousness of a new intellectual for happy and rich society
Communication with Sympathy
Communication based on trust between employees and customers
Field-based decision making
Mutual respect and harmony
Core Vision + Management Policy
Field Management for Customer Orientation
Provide differentiated card service for practical benefits of customers
Realize customer satisfaction through communication
Challenge and Creative
Aim and challenge for No.1 card company with creative thinking
Customer-close creative management accepting opinions from field
Technological Innovation
Performance-based management through reinforcing core technological competence
Secure the best competitiveness in main business and expand to related businesses