Business Partnership Proposal

This is the procedure of business partnership with EZL Corp.

If you want to have business partnership with us, please fill in the name of your company and requester in the title box of an email when you request a partnership proposal. Please attach your introduction and business partnership plan with EZL to your mail.

  • 1. Register Partnership ProposalSend your partnership proposal to EB Card via e-mail (person in charge of business partnership)
  • 2. Review Partnership Proposal(person in charge of business partnership will review your proposal with care)
  • 3. Close Partnership Proposal(EB Card will get back to you with the review result on your proposal)
EZL Business partnership
Partnership in Card Service
Card sales / promotion / advertising and other card-related services
Agency service of installing, selling and recharging rechargeable terminal devices
Partnership for Marketing
Various marketing alliance with EZL Corp
Partnership for New Business
New business proposals related to transportation card and electronic payment services

Benefits for EZL Card Membership

Considerable saving: time and cost for managing cash

  • No need of cash trade, credit car slip, deposit/withdrawal of sales and cost
  • We deposit your trade amount of EZL Card in a designated back account on the next day
  • You can save labor, time and cost for managing cash

Secure the base for sales maximization

  • Once joining the membership, 1.5 million EZL Card holders become your customers.
  • We make a persistent effort to increase your sales through PR and advertising through EZL homepage, events, and such.

Reasonable franchise fee and operation cost

  • Cheaper than existing credit cards so that you get more profits.
  • Transportation Fee

    1.5% ~ 2.4%

  • Distribution Fee

    2.0% ~ 9.0%

  • Online Membership Fee


distribution franchise fee (including VAT)

VAT Refund for Electronic Currency Transaction

  • Deduction benefit from VAT tax of electronic currency payment (2 of Article 32, Value-Added Tax Act)
  • 2% of payment amount (upper limit: 5 million won) will be deducted from tax amount due or refund for paid tax.

Compliance Details of Member Stores

  • A member store shall not reject to provide goods and/or services to or put a customer in a disadvantageous circumstance for the reason he or she use a means of ‘prepaid electronic payment or electronic currency’ (“electronic currency and etc.” hereinafter) such as Mybi Card, Hanaro Card, and/or EZL Card.
  • A member store shall not charge a customer membership fee.
    ① Act of faking transaction through electronic currency without actually providing goods and/or services
    ② Act of exceeding transaction over actual sales amount through electronic currency
    ③ Act of transaction through electronic currency in the name of other member store
    ④ Act of lending the name of one’s member store to others
    ⑤ Act of transaction through electronic currency for others
  • Non-member stores shall not perform business transaction through electronic currency.

Responsibilities for Member Stores

  • A financial company or an electronic financial company shall not pass to a member store any of the losses occurring from the following transactions specified as blow. However, when a financial company or an electronic financial company can prove that a loss is attributed to a mistake, intentionally or negligently, of a member store, it can make whole or partial compensation claim for the loss. How, this effect shall be included in a agreement with a member store. Otherwise, a member shall be exempted from the liability.
    ① Transaction by lost or stolen electronic currency
    ② Transaction by forged or counterfeited electronic currency
    • No need for extra operation cost besides membership fee
    • Can save communication expense (one transmission of transactions a day)

Please send me your partnership proposal